Hillcore Completes Investment in Hydro Power Technologies

October 31, 2014, Vancouver, BC – The Hillcore Group is pleased to announce that it has completed an investment in and become a shareholder of Hydro Power Technologies Inc.

About Hydro Power Technologies, Inc.

Hydro Power Technologies, Inc. (HPT) is a green hydroelectric technology company. It is developing technology solutions that enhance power generation output in hydropower applications. HPT has developed a system to increase the power output of a PELTON turbine in hydro generation systems. The first generation product from HPT, known as “Hammer 1“, utilizes controlled water hammer dynamics to produce rapid fire, high speed, long water projectiles that have a velocity 1.25 to 1.30 times greater velocity than the traditional “free flow” turbines in operation to-day. The additional velocity increases the rotational torque of the PELTON turbine runner thus increasing the power generation.

Hydro Power Technologies

About the Hillcore Group

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