Indigenous Relations

Hillcore is committed to enhancing Indigenous Relations and Partnering with Communities in Business and Economic Development.

Hillcore Group of Companies is committed to developing and partnering with Indigenous Communities and First Nations across the country whose Aboriginal & Inherent Rights, Treaty Rights, Land Claims and Self-Government Agreements offer attractive investment and strategic equity ownership opportunities for the benefit of all in a variety of industry sectors.

Hillcore Group recognizes the unique advantages and opportunities that partnering with Indigenous Communities and First Nations offer and has opted to transcend the limits of the conventional industry partnership model by taking lessons learned and adopting the best practices from the “Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development” where Sovereignty Matters, Institutions Matter, Culture Matters and Leadership Matters.

Hillcore’s Indigenous Partnership & Nation Building Model embraces the fundamental shift towards Community Transformation, Sustainability and Economic Reconciliation that is re-defining the way our Group of Companies do business and interact with the Indigenous Community and First Nations across Canada.

Hillcore Group is a proud member of

Group Contact
Trent Blind
Managing Director, Indigenous Relations, Alberta